SAE Media Group is delighted to announce the inaugural Counter UAS Homeland Security Conference taking place on February 8-9, 2023, in Arlington, VA, USA.

With the growing proliferation and use of small drones and UAS technology in daily life, and the safety and privacy concerns resulting from this, the Biden Administration announced the first Domestic Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems National Action Plan in April 2022. This Government approach aims to expand the protections currently in place against the criminal use of drones, to ensure consistent safeguarding of the airspace, communications spectrums, individual privacy, civil liberties, and civil rights.

Counter UAS Homeland Security 2023 will showcase the very latest technology in the market to ensure that civilians, domestic infrastructure, borders and all aspects of homeland security are protected from the criminal use of drones.

  • Learn about the Biden Administration's Domestic Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems National Action Plan and the priorities and objectives it seeks to achieve.
  • Hear from leading US DoD and Homeland Security experts on how they are combatting the criminal use of drones and UAS
  • Listen to how innovative technology is driving advancement and enabling defence to counter drone swarms and attacks
  • Meet industry solution providers to discover how to leverage their C-UAS platforms

Conference programme

7:30 Registration & Coffee

8:20 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Mr Tom Adams

Mr Tom Adams, Co-Founder and CEO, AeroVigilance
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8:30 Maintaining Domestic C-UAS Protection and Prosecuting Criminal UAS Operators

Mr Michael Torphy

Mr Michael Torphy, Unit Chief, Surveillance and Emerging Technology Unit, FBI
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- Risk posed to the American people by careless and criminal usage of UAS
- Providing protection at mass gatherings and National Special Security Events (NSSEs)
- Developing consistency in training and standards across the public safety C-UAS community

9:00 Addressing threats and synchronising C-UAS activities

Mr Blake Stone

Mr Blake Stone, C-sUAS Policy Analyst and Integrator, Strategy and Policy Division, Joint Counter-sUAS Office (JCO)
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- Role of the Joint Counter-small Aircraft Systems Office (JCO) in creating a framework for addressing threats to the homeland
- Overview of the current requirements and testing of domestic C-UAS
- Establishment of the counter UAS academy at Fort Still

9:30 Security, Privacy, and Darn Drones!

Mr Leo McCloskey

Mr Leo McCloskey, VP Marketing, Echodyne Corp.
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• Understanding the threat posed by drones to government and critical infrastructure and operations
• Developing advanced technologies for detecting, tracking and identifying drone intruders
• Practical and legal obstacles for securing communities and countries

10:00 Morning Coffee

10:30 Ensuring Continuous Advancement of C-UAS Technology and Innovation in the Department of Defense

Mr William Beasley

Mr William Beasley, Deputy Director, Unmanned Systems Technology, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (OUSD R&E)
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- Advisory function of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering
- Necessity of technological advancement to maintain operational superiority
- Current critical technologies in development to counter emerging uncrewed arial threats

11:00 Detection and Classification of UAS in Complex Environments

Mr Lars Krogh Vammen

Mr Lars Krogh Vammen, Business Development Director, Weibel Scientific A/S
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• Characteristics of the UAS threat
• How to uphold performance in clutter rich environments
• How to get inside your opponents’ OODA loop
• There is no “one ring to rule them all” - It’s a system thing


11:30 Prosecuting the C-sUAS Mission: More than Just the Material Solution

Mr Shaan Shaikh

Mr Shaan Shaikh, Associate Director & Associate Fellow, Missile Defense Project, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
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• Understanding why C-sUAS has become an essential part of air defense
• The small UAS challenge: high threat capacity, extreme time compression, and various C2 issues
• Outlining solutions and how the fundamentals of air defense can guide us forward
• Highlighting critical, unresolved questions about the C-sUAS mission: operations, acquisition policies and culture, and integration with current air defense platforms

12:00 Commercial Drones In War: A C-UAS Perspective

Mrs. Danielle McCormick

Mrs. Danielle McCormick, Director of Strategy & Head of C-sUAS Portfolio, Edgesource Corporation
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• A review of commercial drone activity within Ukraine
• Commercial drone TTPs from the battlefield
• The increasing importance and impact of spoofing
• Why field forensics and rapid aircraft analysis matter
• Connecting battlefield observations and lessons to the homeland

12:30 Networking Lunch

13:30 Creating Multidomain CUAS by Integration of Land-Based and Airborne RF Capabilities

Mr Dan Hermansen

Mr Dan Hermansen, CEO, MyDefence LLC and MyDefence A/S
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• The UAS/CUAS value chain
• Integrated sensor networks
• Combining land-based and airborne RF capabilities
• Infrastructure based situational awareness

14:00 Theory and Marketing are not Enough in Times of Real Threat: SKYctrl as a Battlefield-Proven C-UAS

Captain (Ret.) Dariusz Wichniarek

Captain (Ret.) Dariusz Wichniarek, Business Development Director, Advanced Protection Systems SA
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• Ultra-precise 3D MIMO FIELDctrl radar as a heart of APS SKYctrl CUAS
• Composition and performance of APS SKYctrl CUAS
• Application of APS SKYctrl CUAS in homeland security

14:30 Future of Counter UAS protection: US Army development and implementation of Directed Energy weapon systems

Mr William (Cody) Swinford

Mr William (Cody) Swinford, Assistant Product Manager, Directed Energy Program Office (DEPO) C-sUAS, Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office (RCCTO)
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- Transformation to a Multi-Domain capable force through C-sUAS stakeholder coordination
- C-sUAS Modernization strategy to develop laser and high-power microwave technology
- Overview of Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office (RCCTO) and Army Future Command (AFC) Directed Energy prototype fielding efforts

15:00 Stone Soup: The Benefits of Cooperation

Mr Brad Pasho

Mr Brad Pasho, Foreign Military Sales Analyst, Axient
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15:30 Panel Discussion: Securing the Airspace

- Using drones safely
- Ensuring security of drones from cyber threats
- Unmanned traffic management priorities with UAS

Mr Darshan Divakaran

Mr Darshan Divakaran, Head of Airspace Innovation & Prime Partnerships, AFWERX
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Mr Grant Farnsworth

Mr Grant Farnsworth, Air Force Strategic Policy Fellow, The White House, Executive Office of the President, Office of Science
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Mr Steven Willoughby

Mr Steven Willoughby, Director for Aviation and Surface Transportation Security, National Security Council, Executive Office of The President, The White House
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16:00 Afternoon Tea

16:30 Countering the Evolving Challenges and Threats of UAS Activity at the SLTT Level

Mr DJ Smith

Mr DJ Smith, Technical Surveillance Agent, Unmanned Aerial & CUAS Program Coordinator, High Tech Crimes Division/Bureau of Criminal Investigations, Virginia State Police
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- Challenges of nefarious UAS activity to state law enforcement
- Current C-UAS technology used by Virginia State Police
- Impact of the Peters-Johnson Bill on providing local law enforcement with the framework to counter threats

17:00 C-UAS & the Future of the Drone Economy

Mr Yoav Zaltzman

Mr Yoav Zaltzman, CEO, Convexum
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• Why it is urgent to define and adopt a Homeland CUAS strategy
• What it takes to protect the sky without disrupting other operations
• What are the technological characteristics of an ideal C-UAS solution

17:30 The Growing Capabilities of Hobby/DIY UAS

Mr Paul Nurkkala

Mr Paul Nurkkala, DRL Allianz World Drone Racing Champion, Drone Racing League
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• Outlining the surprising potential of DIY drones: key considerations
• Learning from the Hobby Industry to test UAS and C-UAS systems
• Showcasing the capabilities of hobby drones

18:00 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One

Mr Tom Adams

Mr Tom Adams, Co-Founder and CEO, AeroVigilance
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18:10 Drinks Reception Hosted by SAE Media Group

8:00 Registration & Coffee

8:50 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Mr Tom Adams

Mr Tom Adams, Co-Founder and CEO, AeroVigilance
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9:00 Mitigating threats from UAS whilst protecting the rights of lawful owners

Mr Brent Cotton

Mr Brent Cotton, Director, C-UAS Program Management Office, Department of Homeland Security
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- Impact of the Preventing Emerging Threats Act on C-UAS policy
- Assessing and defining a credible threat to homeland security
- Looking to the future: staying ahead of UAS developments

9:30 Border Security: Mitigating UAS Threats on the US-Mexico Border

Mr Glenn McArthur

Mr Glenn McArthur, Assistant Chief Patrol Agent - Intelligence Liaison, U.S. Border Patrol
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- Current situation regarding the use of UAS platforms to transport narcotics
- Impact of illegal UAS activity on the American public and law enforcement officers
- Future capabilities

10:00 Session Reserved for Gold Sponsor - SAIC

Mr Jeremy Davidson

Mr Jeremy Davidson, Sys Eng Sr Mgr - CUAS Lead, SAIC
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10:30 Morning Coffee

11:00 Department of Justice (DOJ): Counter UAS legislation to put protection in the hands of those who need it.

Mr Colin Ross

Mr Colin Ross, Attorney Advisor, Office of Law & Policy, National Security Division, U.S. Department of Justice
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- The increasing and evolving criminal use of UAS platforms
- The implications of the National Action Plan and related Congressional efforts for the public safety and national security communities’ ability to Counter UAS threats
- Department initiatives to prosecute most serious and malicious use of UAS

11:30 Social impacts of C-UAS in metropolitan areas: insights from the EU

Dr Bruno Oliveira Martins

Dr Bruno Oliveira Martins, Senior Researcher, Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)
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- C-UAS are surveillance systems that impact on different dimensions of urban life
- Increasing societal resilience in metropolitan areas require increasing civil-military collaboration
- The presentation provides empirical analysis focusing on how different EU countries have addressed this issue

12:00 Base protection: Development of the ASUL system for German Air Defense

Mr Dennis Wilhelm

Mr Dennis Wilhelm, Civil Servant, Bundeswehr
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- Previous limitations of Bundeswehr Counter-UAS technology
- Capability of the containerised ASUL system in detecting, classifying, identifying, and combating UAS
- Successful deployment of the ASUL system at the 2022 G7 Summit in Elmau (Bavarian Alps)

12:30 C-UAS; A Unit Commander’s Perspective

Wing Commander Sam Wiseman

Wing Commander Sam Wiseman, Officer Commanding No 2 Force Protection C-UAS Wing, Royal Air Force
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- Journey from concept to operational delivery.
- Current and future direction of travel.
- Key lessons.

13:00 Networking Lunch

14:00 Protecting critical infrastructure and national assets across the US

Mr Brandon Wales

Mr Brandon Wales, Executive Director, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)
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- Role of the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Agency (CISA)
- Outline of the potential risks posed by these systems to critical infrastructure
- New age of theft: threats posed to intellectual property within secure locations
- Examples of offensive and non-kinetic mitigation techniques

14:30 Ensuring the security and protection of the UK’s civil nuclear infrastructure

Superintendent Anthony Cole

Superintendent Anthony Cole, Operational Unit Commander - Sellafield, Civil Nuclear Constabulary
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- Future threat: Uncrewed Arial Systems and their implication on critical infrastructure security
- Overview of the Civil Nuclear Police Authorities Counter-UAS Strategic Plan
- Creation of a framework to assess, develop and operate tactical capabilities

15:00 Afternoon Tea

15:30 Defining industrial aviation standards for Counter-UAS implementation

Ms Karan Hofmann

Ms Karan Hofmann, Program Director, RTCA
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- Necessity of a homogenised and safe introduction of C-UAS technology at airports
- EUROCAE working group: developing capabilities with C-UAS stakeholders
- Standardising interoperability through defined requirement and characteristic guidelines

16:00 Ensuring the safe and secure operation of UAS

Mr Ryan Berry

Mr Ryan Berry, Manager, UAS Security Division, Federal Aviation Administration
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- Potential impact of non-compliant UAS activity on the American public and critical infrastructure
- Coordinating with authorized federal partners on C-UAS actions under The Preventing Emerging Threats
Act to ensure safety of the NAS
- Looking to the future: understanding the safety impacts of the use of UAS detection and mitigation systems

16:30 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day Two

Mr Tom Adams

Mr Tom Adams, Co-Founder and CEO, AeroVigilance
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Mr Blake Stone

Mr Blake Stone

C-sUAS Policy Analyst and Integrator, Strategy and Policy Division, Joint Counter-sUAS Office (JCO)
Mr Brandon Wales

Mr Brandon Wales

Executive Director, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)
Mr Brent Cotton

Mr Brent Cotton

Director, C-UAS Program Management Office, Department of Homeland Security
Mr Colin Ross

Mr Colin Ross

Attorney Advisor, Office of Law & Policy, National Security Division, U.S. Department of Justice
Mr Michael Torphy

Mr Michael Torphy

Unit Chief, Surveillance and Emerging Technology Unit, FBI
Mr Tom Adams

Mr Tom Adams

Co-Founder and CEO, AeroVigilance

Captain (Ret.) Dariusz Wichniarek

Business Development Director, Advanced Protection Systems SA
Captain (Ret.) Dariusz Wichniarek

CAPTAIN (Navy) Ret. Dariusz Wichniarek is a director of Business Development in Advanced
Protection Systems in Gdynia, Poland. He is a retired officer of the Naval Special Operations
Forces, former commander of the Naval Special Operations Unit “Formoza”. He graduated
from the Military Academy (Engineering) in Wroclaw, the University of Technology in Gdansk,
the Naval Academy in Gdynia, the Joint Special Operations University at Hurlburt Field (now
Tampa), the National Defense University in Washington, DC, and the Naval War College in
Newport, RI, USA.
CAPT Dariusz Wichniarek was appointed to numerous positions in the Polish Navy and
Special Operations Forces: a platoon leader in the Military Diving Center in Gdynia, a
commander of the Combat Diving Group, an underwater demolition and weaponry systems
officer, a senior specialist of the Naval Special Operations Department in the Navy HQ in
Gdynia. In 2007 he was appointed a head of the Operational Planning Department in the
newly created Polish Special Operations Forces Command HQ (POL SOFCOM). In 2009 he
became a commander of the Naval Special Operations Unit “Formoza” (NSOU). In the years
2013/2014, as the first Pole, he served on the chief of staff position in the newly created
NATO Special Operations Component Command in Afghanistan (NSOCC-A). From 2015 to
2018 he performed his duties as a director of the Strategy and Defense Planning Department
in the Ministry of the National Defense in Warsaw, Poland. After retirement in 2018 he has
held managerial positions in business, focusing on business development, protection and
defense concepts, and implementation of modern technologies in security systems of critical
CAPT Dariusz Wichniarek completed numerous specialist courses in the country and abroad,
which include: combat diving course, underwater demolitions course, special warfare course,
parachute course, NATO Combined Joint Forces Special Operations Component Command
Staff Officer Course, NATO CJFSOCC Operational Planning Course, Security Stability Transition
and Reconstruction Course, Special Operations Combating Terrorism Course, NSOCC-A Staff
Course, ISAF SOF Predeployment Training.
His awards include: a gold medal "For Merit for National Defense," silver medal "Armed
Forces in the National Service ", "Star of Afghanistan", "Non-Article 5 NATO Medal", US
medal "The Legion of Merit ".

Dr Bruno Oliveira Martins

Senior Researcher, Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)
Dr Bruno Oliveira Martins

Dr. Bruno Oliveira Martins is a senior researcher at the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), where he coordinates the Security Research Group. He has previously been assistant professor / postdoc at the Universities of Aarhus and Malmö. At PRIO he conducts research on themes at the intersection of technological innovation, security practices, and societal change. In 2020-2022 Dr. Martins has provided input to EU regulatory initiatives in the field of drones and counter-drone technology. He is a member of the UN Global Network of Experts on the Protection of Vulnerable Targets against Terrorist Attacks.

Mr Blake Stone

C-sUAS Policy Analyst and Integrator, Strategy and Policy Division, Joint Counter-sUAS Office (JCO)
Mr Blake Stone

Blake Stone is an Army Career Program (CP) 60 (Strategic Planning & Foreign Affairs) civilian employee assigned to the Joint Counter-sUAS Office (“JCO”), Strategy & Policy Division, at the Pentagon, Washington, DC. Blake’s policy responsibilities include: the homeland defense application of counter- small UAS (C-sUAS), the JCO’s coordination efforts with its interagency and intergovernmental partners, to include the JCO’s coordination with the National Security Council Staff, as well as the Strategy & Policy Division’s emerging technology policy portfolio.
Blake is also a Colonel in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, currently serving as the Senior USAR Legal Advisor in the Office of the Judge Advocate General, National Security Law Division, also at the Pentagon. He previously served as Commander, 8th Legal Operations Detachment, headquartered in Independence, MO. Prior to assuming command, he served as Staff Judge Advocate for the 98th Training Division, Fort Benning, GA. He also served as Legal Advisor to the Army Operations Center and the Army’s Current and Contingency Operations Division, at the Pentagon, from 2015-2017.
His previous assignments include: Staff Judge Advocate, Medical Readiness & Training Command, Joint Base San Antonio (2012-2015); Military Assistant to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Training, Readiness & Mobilization), Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower & Reserve Affairs), the Pentagon (2008-2012), where he served as one of the principal authors of the Army Total Force Policy; Command Judge Advocate, 244th Theater Aviation Brigade, Fort Sheridan, IL (2007-2008); Team Leader, Legal Services Team, 91st Legal Support Organization, Fort Sheridan, IL (2006-2007); Executive Officer and subsequently Officer-in-Charge, Combined Review & Release Board, Task Force 134, Multi-National Force-Iraq, United States Embassy-Baghdad, (2006); Assistant Staff Judge Advocate (AGR), 84th Division (Institutional Training) and 84th US Army Reserve Readiness Training Command, Fort McCoy, WI (2004-2006); Trial Counsel (AGR), Headquarters, US Army Reserve Command, Fort McPherson, GA (2003-2004); Administrative Law Attorney and Legal Assistance Attorney, US Army Combined Arms Center, Fort Leavenworth, KS (2002-2003); Assistant S-3, Trial Counsel and Defense Counsel, 91st Legal Support Organization, Fort Sheridan, IL (1997-2002); Combat Engineer Platoon Leader, Illinois Army National Guard (1990-1993). He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant,
USAR, Corps of Engineers, in 1990 through the ROTC Early Commissioning Program at Marion Military Institute, Marion, AL.
Colonel Stone is a graduate of the Army War College, Naval War College (College of Naval Command & Staff) (with distinction); Air War College (Distance Learning), the Marine Corps Command & Staff College, the Air Command & Staff College, and the US Army Command & Staff College (ILE Common Core and Combined Arms & Services Staff School). He is also a 2021 graduate of the Syracuse University (Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public Affairs) National Security Management Course (Post-Senior Service College SES Development Course). Blake is also recent graduate of the Continuing Education for Senior Leaders course at the Army Management Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, KS, and the Executive Branch Artificial Intelligence Lab at the Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington, DC.
Mr. Stone is a Ph.D. student in the International Relations Program at Salve Regina University, Newport, RI. He holds a Master of Strategic Studies from the Army War College, Master of Arts in National Security & Strategic Studies (with distinction) from the Naval War College, Juris Doctor cum laude, Northern Illinois University, undergraduate degree from Eastern Illinois University and an Associate’s Degree from Marion Military Institute.
Blake previously served as an Adjunct Professor of National Security Decision Making, at the United States Naval War College, College of Distance Education, on the Adjunct Faculty of the US Army Command & General Staff College, and as an Adjunct Professor in the Graduate School of Security & Global Studies, American Military University. He also holds the Army’s 6Z (Army Strategist) Additional Skill Identifier and 3U (Expert National Security Law Practitioner) Professional Development Proficiency Code.
Blake was awarded the State Department’s Expeditionary Service Award for his civilian service as a Senior Governance Advisor on an embedded Provincial Reconstruction Team in Iraq from 2008-2010.
Blake and his wife Krine are both originally from the same small farm town in rural Southern Illinois. They currently reside on a small farm in Southern Maryland and have five children.

Mr Brad Pasho

Foreign Military Sales Analyst, Axient
Mr Brad Pasho

Mr. Brad Pasho is a Foreign Military Sales Analyst for Axient Corporation supporting the Integrated Fires and Rapid Capabilities Office. He assists the Government in international engagements and sales of the LIDS weapon system to security partners and allies.
Brad has been involved in CUAS development since 2016 and in addition to the LIDS system has partnered with several different agencies to bring cutting edge CUAS technology to the battlefield including kinetic and energy weapons.
Prior to his CUAS work, Brad served as an Army Acquisition Officer with roles in Air Defense Command and Control, and missile technology.
Brad has an Electrical Engineering degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Mr Brandon Wales

Executive Director, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)
Mr Brandon Wales

Brandon Wales is the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA) first Executive Director, serving as the senior career executive helping oversee execution of CISA operations. He is responsible for leading long-term strategy development, managing CISA-wide policy initiatives and ensuring effective operational collaboration across the Agency.
In February 2022, Wales was appointed as the lead for the Federal Government’s domestic preparedness and response related to the Russian-Ukraine crisis. In this capacity, Wales was responsible for establishing and leading an interagency Unified Coordination Group (UCG) to ensure unity of effort, building U.S. government-wide strategic objectives, identifying and resolving gaps in operations and interagency coordination, and coordinating with federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial officials, as well as representatives of private sector and non-governmental entities.
From November 2020 through July 2021, Wales was the Acting Director of CISA. In this capacity, he led CISA’s efforts to defend civilian networks, manage systemic risk to national critical functions, and work across both the public and private sectors to raise the security baseline of the Nation’s cyber and physical infrastructure. During his tenure as the acting Director, he led the agency’s response to the SolarWinds Orion Supply Chain Attacks, Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities, the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, Pulse Connect Secure vulnerabilities, and the Kaseya VSA supply chain ransomware attack, among many others, while completing the stand-up and reorganization of the Agency following the passage of the CISA Act of 2018, which established CISA as an independent agency.
From August 2017 to December 2019, Wales directly supported the Secretary of Homeland Security beginning as the Senior Counselor to the Secretary for Cyber and Resilience, Wales was responsible for advising on cybersecurity, emergency management, incident response and building a more resilient nation. Following that assignment, he served as the Deputy Chief of Staff (Acting), developing and advancing the Department’s strategic priorities. In June 2019, Wales assumed the role of Chief of Staff (Acting), assisting the Secretary in overseeing the Department, ensuring close coordination across its operational components and managing interagency relationships.
Wales’ experience within and understanding of the Department is both broad and deep. He served as the Director of the DHS Office of Cyber and Infrastructure Analysis (OCIA), which provided integrated analysis of cyber and physical risks to the Nation’s critical infrastructure.
From 2009 to 2014, Wales was the Director of the Homeland Infrastructure Threat and Risk Analysis Center (HITRAC), an all-hazards analytic resource for public and private sector partners covering the full array of risks facing the infrastructure community. In this capacity, he oversaw the Department’s advanced modeling, simulation, and analysis program, leading a team of researchers conducting ground-breaking and forward-leaning analysis of some of the Nation’s most complex infrastructure challenges.
Wales has been called upon to support a variety of Department-wide initiatives. When the Department began working on the first Quadrennial Homeland Security Review in 2009, Wales was asked to lead the review of the counterterrorism and cyber security mission areas. Following the 2013 release of Executive Order 13636, Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, Wales led the effort to identify critical infrastructure at potential catastrophic risk from cybersecurity incidents.
Wales’ contributions have been recognized with an Exceptional Performance Award from the Director of National Intelligence, a DHS Secretary’s Award for Excellence, and two DHS Distinguished Service Medals, the Department’s highest civilian award.
Before joining the Department in 2005, Wales was the national security aide to United States Senator Jon Kyl and a Senior Associate at a Washington-based foreign policy and national security think-tank.
Wales received his Bachelor’s degree from George Washington University and his Master’s degree from The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

Mr Brent Cotton

Director, C-UAS Program Management Office, Department of Homeland Security
Mr Brent Cotton

Brent is an expert in the field of Homeland Security, with specialized experience in transportation security, red teaming, and countering uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS). Brent has served in number of homeland security focused leadership positions including his current role as the Director for Counter-Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) at the Department of Homeland Security Office of Strategy, Policy, and Plans, under the Counterterrorism and Threat Prevention -Law Enforcement umbrella. Brent is responsible for the Department’s C-UAS policy, and implementation of the C-UAS authorities granted to DHS in the Preventing Emerging Threats Act of 2018.
Background: Mr. Cotton’s security career began during the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rollout in 2002, when he began training the first federalized screeners and played an active role in developing and implementing checked baggage screening policy and protocols. After arriving at TSA headquarters in 2010, he joined the Operations Improvement Branch (OIB) where he created and refined procedures associated with rolling out new types of equipment. Identified as an unconventional thinker willing to challenge assumptions, Brent was recruited as a member of the Administrator’s Risk Based Security Team where he developed new and innovative approaches to transportation security. In this role Brent helped create and implement the TSA Precheck program which now has more than 10M voluntarily enrolled members.
Prior to moving to DHS HQ, Brent spent 5 years at TSA’s Office of Inspection where held several leadership positions including Deputy Assistant Administrator (DAA), Executive Advisor, and Branch Manager in the Special Operations Division (SOD) Red Team. Mr. Cotton’s diverse experience in transportation security, which includes training development, operations improvement, Risk Based Security, and Inspections, makes him uniquely qualified to discuss a wide range of issues affecting movement of people and commerce.

Mr Colin Ross

Attorney Advisor, Office of Law & Policy, National Security Division, U.S. Department of Justice
Mr Colin Ross

Colin T. Ross currently serves in the National Security Division (NSD) of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), where he focuses on developing and coordinating the federal government’s response to the threats of domestic terrorism, terrorist use of the Internet, and misuse of unmanned aircraft systems (drones), among other issues. He is the recipient of NSD’s Award for Excellence and the U.S. Intelligence Community’s award for serving on the best legal team of the year.
Prior to joining DOJ, he clerked for Judge Ronnie Abrams in the Southern District of New York and Judge Gregory Phillips on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit.
His work on special prosecutors in the context of police shootings has been featured in the Harvard Journal on Legislation and The Washington Post.

Mr Dan Hermansen

CEO, MyDefence LLC and MyDefence A/S
Mr Dan Hermansen

Dan Hermansen has served in the Royal Danish Airforce until he started his Master studies in Wireless electronics and Radio Frequency (RF) circuit design. For the past 20 years he has been working with wireless applications and since 2013 when he founded MyDefence he has combined his technical knowledge with the defense industry and a purpose to save lives. He is an entrepreneur by heart and for 10 years he has worked with Counter Drone Technologies to protect against the growing threat from malicious use of drones.

Mr Darshan Divakaran

Head of Airspace Innovation & Prime Partnerships, AFWERX
Mr Darshan Divakaran

Darshan “Dash” Divakaran is an aerospace intrapreneur and technology evangelist with expertise in unmanned aviation, aviation development, geospatial analysis, emerging technologies, and program management. His areas of expertise in unmanned aviation also includes Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM), Counter-UAS (CUAS) and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). He has led efforts to work with federal, state, public safety, industry, and academia to develop, integrate and manage national/statewide programs and initiatives. He has been recognized by Interdrone and Commercial UAV News as one of the top commercial drone visionaries.
Darshan works for AFWERX, the innovation arm of the Department of Air Force, as the Senior Manager for Strategic Innovation & Partnerships. In this role he leads efforts to promote innovation and integration through joint operations, interagency, state, and academic partnerships. In addition, he supports the industry engagement, outreach, and educational initiatives for AFWERX. He is also the government subject matter expert for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) and Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) on the AFWERX Agility Prime program, a non-traditional program to accelerate the commercial market for advanced air mobility vehicles and create a robust domestic industry and supply chain to support their development and production.
Darshan holds a Masters in Geospatial Information Science and Technology from North Carolina State University and BS in Professional Aeronautics and Aviation Management from EmbryRiddle Aeronautical University. He is also an FAA certified commercial pilot with multi engine rating and holds a FAA part 107 remote pilot certificate.

Mr Dennis Wilhelm

Civil Servant, Bundeswehr
Mr Dennis Wilhelm

10/2021 – present: Master of Science in Systems Engineering, University of Bundeswehr (Munich)
10/2012 – 07/2016: Bachelor of Science in Mircotechnology and Nanostructure, University of Saarlan

Work Experience (Bundeswehr):
02/2023 – present: Executive officer for GBAD radar systems
07/2020 – present: Vice project manager for ASUL
03/2019 – 01/2023: Executive officer for C-UAS sensors
03/2018 – 03/2019: Education executive officer

10/1996 – present: Volunteer Fire Brigade

Mr DJ Smith

Technical Surveillance Agent, Unmanned Aerial & CUAS Program Coordinator, High Tech Crimes Division/Bureau of Criminal Investigations, Virginia State Police
Mr DJ Smith

DJ Smith is a Technical Surveillance Agent for the Virginia State Police and has worked in the area of Covert Technical/Tactical Surveillance for almost 30 years. Several areas of specialty are GPS Installs, Video-Audio Clarification, Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), Title III Intercepts, Mesh-Node Camera Deployments, Technical/Tactical Lock Bypass & Safe Penetration including GSA locks & containers, Cellular Tracking and Geo-Locating, Covert Audio/Video deployments, sUAS & Counter UAS deployment operations to name a few.
In the area of sUAS and Counter UAS Operations:

  • He is the Unmanned Aerial Systems Program Coordinator for sUAS & Counter UAS operations for the Virginia State Police
  • He serves on the Virginia Safe and Secure Commonwealth Sub-Panel dealing with UAS/Counter UAS implementation and legislative issues for the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • Has served as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on various technologies for the DHS office of Electronic Surveillance, Law Enforcement Technology Board (SPAWARS Atlantic & Saver program).
  • As a representative of the Virginia State Police, he is a stakeholder on the Mid-Atlantic UAS Partnership group (Google Wing) at Virginia Tech for Commercial/Enterprise UAS deliveries.
  • He has served on the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate First Responder Robotic Operational System Test (FFROST) assessment & evaluations of sUAS for Public Safety.
  • He has presented and moderated discussions at: Semi-Annual Counter UAS Summit in Washington DC, AUVSI Xponential, Commercial UAV Expo, Center for Innovative Technology and various agencies across the US.
  • He also provides technical advice to legislative groups in Washington, DC assisting in getting the legislative carve-outs for SLTT agencies to obtain sUAS mitigation technology.
  • He is also licensed part 107 pilot and has been flying sUAS for over 13 years.

Mr Glenn McArthur

Assistant Chief Patrol Agent - Intelligence Liaison, U.S. Border Patrol
Mr Glenn McArthur

Mr. McArthur has served over 24 years with the U.S. Border Patrol and currently serves as a program manager and intelligence liaison with its Counter-UAS program. Prior to reporting to Summit Point, WV in the spring of 2022 to work with the C-UAS program, he held several leadership roles on the southern border and at U.S. Border Patrol Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Mr. McArthur earned a bachelor’s degree from Florida Atlantic University in Criminal Justice.

Mr Grant Farnsworth

Air Force Strategic Policy Fellow, The White House, Executive Office of the President, Office of Science
Mr Grant Farnsworth

Major Grant Farnsworth is an Air Force Strategic Policy Fellow detailed
to The White House, Executive Office of the President, Office of Science
and Technology Policy (OSTP) in Washington, D.C. OSTP works to
maximize the benefits of science and technology to advance health,
prosperity, security, environmental quality, and justice for all Americans.
At OSTP, Major Farnsworth serves as a policy advisor on issues at the
intersection of artificial intelligence and transportation with a focus on
Advanced Air Mobility and autonomous ground vehicle policy.
Major Farnsworth received his commission in 2011 through the Air Force
Reserve Officer Training Corps and attended law school through the
Educational Delay Program. He has served as an Assistant Staff Judge
Advocate, Area Defense Counsel, and Senior/Circuit/Special Trial
Counsel. He is admitted to practice before the Court of Appeals of Maryland, the Supreme Court of New
Jersey, the Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed

Mr Jeremy Davidson

Sys Eng Sr Mgr - CUAS Lead, SAIC
Mr Jeremy Davidson

 Jeremy Davidson is a Systems Engineering Sr Manager managing SAIC's CUAS portfolio within the Fires, Aviation and Missile Defense business headquartered in Huntsville, Al-abama – SAIC’s second largest location. In this role, he isresponsible oversight, planning, development, and cross company collaboration on all CUAS programs and projects.
Davidson joined SAIC in 2015 following his graduation from University Alabama in Huntsville as an Electrical Engineer. During his 17 years at SAIC Davidson has become a Project Management Professional and has supported or lead many force protection and base defense efforts for DoD and non-DoD customers. He has over fifteen years of experi-ence in research, development, test, evaluation, and fielding of complex defense and protection systems.
His most recent assignments have been focused on being Chief Engineer on CUAS programs as well as base defense programs in support of the Army and Air Force. In these roles Davidson was responsible for designing and fielding solu-tions for use in OEF and OIF supporting strategic operations within the region.
Davidson holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville as well as a being a Project Management Insitute certified Project Management Professional.

Mr Lars Krogh Vammen

Business Development Director, Weibel Scientific A/S
Mr Lars Krogh Vammen

Lars Krogh Vammen has a 21-year Danish Army background. He has served in various operational branches including 11 years in the Danish army air defense, as well as ISTAR and HUMINT. Lars Vammen has served in the Danish Defence Acquisitions and Logistics Organization (DALO) in the Land Equipment Division as System Manager Mortars & Artillery. Lars Krogh Vammen’s military service includes three deployments to Afghanistan, where he e.g. has served with the US Marine Corps in Helmand. Lars Vammen is now Director of Business Development in Weibel Scientific with the responsibility for the global expansion of the entire Weibel portfolio. The role covers the full scope of business development activities with governments and non-governmental organizations, EU organizations as well as B2B relations with other large OMEs and primes. He is responsible for the full portfolio of Weibel products, with radars for IAMD as main priority – which covers the XENTA radar for SHORAD and C-UAS purposes as well as the long range tracking and discrimination radars for ballistic missile defense. In this context Lars has been a part of a number NATO Industrial Advisory Group studies as well as the recently concluded NIAG Industrial Interface Group to GBAD (NIIGBAD).

Mr Leo McCloskey

VP Marketing, Echodyne Corp.
Mr Leo McCloskey

Leo McCloskey is a senior executive with comprehensive experience across many business disciplines – marketing, field marketing, product marketing, product management, service design, service transition, strategic sales, business development, partnerships & alliances, service delivery processes, program management, project management, high-value long-term contract negotiations, solution design and delivery, customer relationship management. Recognized throughout career for strategic vision, innovation, operational excellence, and the ability to define, create and deliver large complex customer wins. He currently works as Vice President, Marketing at Echodyne, one of the leading radar companies in the UAS space, including at NPUASTS and also including a wide number of governmental and commercial entities. Echodyne are the radar people of the UAS industry.

Mr Michael Torphy

Unit Chief, Surveillance and Emerging Technology Unit, FBI
Mr Michael Torphy

Mr. Torphy has served over 19 years in the Federal Bureau of Investigation and currently oversees its UAS and Counter-UAS operational programs, among other initiatives. Prior to reporting to Redstone Arsenal in late 2021 to lead this new unit, he directed manned and unmanned aviation operations in the Los Angeles field office. In previous roles, he managed enterprise technology projects and led the FBI’s aviation security program in Washington, DC. Earlier in his career, he conducted national security and violent crime investigations in the New York and Portland field offices.

Mr Paul Nurkkala

DRL Allianz World Drone Racing Champion, Drone Racing League
Mr Paul Nurkkala

Paul started his journey through the world of UAS when his in-laws gave him a toy as a Christmas present, and that gift sparked an interest in fpv drone racing. In 2018, he became the world Champion of Drone Racing, and took those skills and knowledge to branch out into filmmaking with FPV Drones as well as understanding their capabilities for other commercial uses. Currently, Paul travels the world filming for features, commercials, and projects like the FiFA world cup, and sits as an advisory board member for Cyberlux.

Mr Ryan Berry

Manager, UAS Security Division, Federal Aviation Administration
Mr Ryan Berry

Ryan Berry is the manager of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Security Division within FAA’s Office of Security and Hazardous Materials Safety (ASH). The UAS Security Division serves as the primary coordinator on agency actions, messaging, and requests relating to UAS security issues and collaborates with security partners and the private sector on a holistic approach to UAS security issues.

Prior to joining the FAA, Mr. Berry served as a Counter-UAS subject matter expert in the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense, Policy, Homeland Defense and Global Security; and is a veteran of the US Navy serving as a Naval Flight Officer in the EA-6B Prowler. Ryan holds a MA in International Security from George Mason University, a MBA from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and a Bachelors in History from Virginia Tech.

Mr Shaan Shaikh

Associate Director & Associate Fellow, Missile Defense Project, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
Mr Shaan Shaikh

Shaan Shaikh is an associate director and associate fellow with the Missile Defense Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), where he focuses on missile proliferation, unmanned aerial systems, air defense, and nuclear weapons. He is also deputy editor of the CSIS website Missile Threat, an online clearinghouse for information and analysis on missile and missile defense systems. Prior to joining CSIS, he worked at the U.S. Department of Defense and The Syria Institute.

Mr Steven Willoughby

Director for Aviation and Surface Transportation Security, National Security Council, Executive Office of The President, The White House
Mr Steven Willoughby

 Steven A. Willoughby currently serves as the Director for Aviation and Surface Transportation Security for the White House’s National Security Council. Steve’s permanent position is with the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Counter-UAS Program Office, where he focuses on strategic planning for air domain awareness, threat discrimination, threat mitigation, and interagency threat information sharing. Steve also represented C-UAS and UAS policy interests with the DHS Joint Requirements Council and across numerous interagency workgroups. Prior to his role with DHS Headquarters, Steve worked for the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Office of Inspection, conducting red team vulnerability assessments across the transportation sector, and for TSA’s Office of Security Operations, supporting the National Explosives Detection Canine Team Program. Steve began his federal career as a Transportation Security Officer at Washington-Dulles International Airport after graduating from Florida Atlantic University with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

Mr Tom Adams

Co-Founder and CEO, AeroVigilance
Mr Tom Adams

Tom retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after 20 years of service in October 2022. Tom’s last three years in the FBI were spent as a Supervisory Special Agent in the Counter-UAS Program. In this role, he led the evolution of the team, to include developing a training program, policies and procedures, and operational standards. He led numerous high-profile Counter-UAS missions throughout the U.S. at our nation’s highest profile sporting and cultural events, including the protection of our government’s highest-ranking officials and critical infrastructure.

Tom is currently the Chief Executive Officer of AeroVigilance, a Counter-UAS consulting company, and Co-Founder of C-UAS Hub, an online information “hub” for the Counter-UAS industry.

Tom earned a bachelor’s degree from Montana State University in Biomechanics, and a master’s degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Unmanned Systems.

Mr William (Cody) Swinford

Assistant Product Manager, Directed Energy Program Office (DEPO) C-sUAS, Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office (RCCTO)
Mr William (Cody) Swinford

Mr. Swinford joined the Army to see the world and got stationed 30 minutes from home at Redstone Arsenal (RSA) in Huntsville, Alabama where he served as an enlisted soldier from 1991- 1995 as a HAWK Missile Repairman and Supply Specialist. After completing his bachelor's degree in education from Athens State University, Cody worked for the State of Tennessee. In 2001, he returned to the Army and began a civilian career as a DA Intern in the CP-11 (Comptroller) career field at RSA for the Aviation and Missile Command G-8. He has supported both PEO Aviation and PEO M&S for most of his 25 years of service.
After graduating as a DA intern, he supported the Aviation, Missile, Research and Development Command in the Center Support Directorate. In 2006, he joined PEO Aviation working for PM Aviation Systems for Aviation Mission Planning System and the Aviation Networks & Mission Planning Product Office. In 2009, Mr. Swinford joined PEO M&S for the Close Combat Weapon Systems Project Office in the Financial Management Division for both the Javelin and TOW Missile Systems. In 2015, he returned to PEO Aviation in PM Unmanned Aircraft Systems. In 2018, he completed developmental assignments at the Pentagon in HQDA ASAALT for the ASARC Secretariat as an Action Officer and DA Systems Coordinator (DASC) for PM Multi-National Aviation Special Project Office supporting Afghanistan Aviation. Returning to RSA, he worked for the Medium Altitude Endurance Product Office and was the temporary business lead with PM Cargo for Block II Modernization. In 2021, he was selected for the Leadership Excellence and Acquisition Development Program. Those assignments include PEO M&S APEO International, HQDA ASAALT as a DASC for Soldier and Maneuver Directorate. Mr. Swinford is currently supporting the Directed Energy Program Office at the Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office at RSA.
He is a 2017 graduate of the Army Management Staff College Civilian Education System Advanced Course. He completed the Army Comptroller Course and How the Army Runs. Furthermore, he completed requirements from DAU for Advanced Certification in Business, Cost Estimating, and Financial Management and Practitioner in Program Management. Additionally, he completed the DoD FM Level II Certification. Finally, he earned a Master of Science in Management/Acquisition & Contract Management from Florida Institute of Technology. He is a member of the Army Acquisition Corps and received the Army Achievement Medal.
He and his wife Debbi have been married for 23 years and reside in Fayetteville, Tennessee with their two sons, Sam and Will and their Cocker Spaniel, Lucy and their two Dachshunds, Teddy and Daisy.

Mr William Beasley

Deputy Director, Unmanned Systems Technology, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (OUSD R&E)
Mr William Beasley

William Beasley, a retired career Department of Defense civilian and retired United States Army Signal Corps Colonel, serves as Deputy Director, Unmanned Systems Technology (UxST), Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Technology (OUSD(R&E)). He graduated from the United States Military Academy and holds advanced degrees from Long Island University (MBA), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MS-Physics), and the Army War College (MS Strategic Studies).
In his current position, Mr. Beasley represents the Director, UxST, in multiple DoD-wide forums addressing current actions to develop capability to defeat or mitigate the threat posed by unmanned systems to DoD operations. He is a member of multiple counter small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-sUAS) working groups hosted by the Joint Counter-small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Office (JCO), as well as the Office of the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Counter Uncrewed Systems (C-UxS) Community of Practice and OUSD(R&E) technology forums.
Previously, as a DoD civilian he acted as the agent for Combatant Commanders in responding to urgent needs of the Joint Warfighter. In this capacity, he served as the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) lead for multiple Joint Urgent and Emergent Operational Needs initiating and providing oversight for action to develop and rapidly deliver capability to counter small unmanned aircraft systems (C-sUAS). For C-sUAS capability required within the United States, he developed, with the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee, changes to the “Manual of Regulations for Federal Radiofrequency Spectrum Management” (Redbook) to enable the DoD to use electronic warfare capabilities to defeat small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS). Mr. Beasley advocated (through engagement with the Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the military Services, and other OSD offices) establishment of a single organization within the Department of Defense to manage C-sUAS actions across the Department. These actions lead to the designation of the Army as the C-sUAS Executive Agent and the establishment of the JCO.
He has been actively involved, since its inception, with the Joint Staff’s Joint Capability Integration and Development System (JCIDS) as applies to force protection, weapon systems, battlefield awareness, battle management command and control systems, information assurance and information technology.
He has over 30 years experience in the military and with industry operating, managing, and developing military and cross federal agency information technology capabilities at all levels – tactical through national, in wartime, peacetime, disaster, and continuity of government roles.
He resides in Fairfax, Virginia, with his wife of 52 years, the former Elizabeth Iwanicki, from Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Mr Yoav Zaltzman

CEO, Convexum
Mr Yoav Zaltzman

Yoav Zaltzman is an accomplished executive with a long and successful track record in leading fast business growth globally in enterprise software and cyber defence.
He held senior executive positions both in startups and leading global corporations, serving as a division president at Amdocs (NASDAQ: DOX), SVP and President at NICE (Nasdaq: Nice), and as a General Manager at Applied Materials (Nasdaq: AMAT).

Mrs. Danielle McCormick

Director of Strategy & Head of C-sUAS Portfolio, Edgesource Corporation
Mrs. Danielle McCormick

Danielle is currently serving as the Head of CUAS Programs at Edgesource Corporation. Here she conceived of and is shepherding a new method of DoD program office implementation, by partnering with government sponsors to overcome the “valley of death” for small programs, such as Windtalker and Dowding, as they are transitioning out of the RDT&E space. This new path allows for and ensures our warfighters have access to vital technologies once initial contracts for such programs have concluded.

Danielle has a Master of Science from Texas State University, as well as a Master of Business Administration from Syracuse University. Prior to working with the military, Danielle was leading large scale operational excellence and corporate strategy teams for 15 years at civilian corporations such as Wayfair, Southwest Airlines and Gap, Inc. She currently resides in San Antonio, TX with her husband, Marshel, and son, Jackson.

Ms Karan Hofmann

Program Director, RTCA
Ms Karan Hofmann

Karan Hofmann has been a Program Director at RTCA since November 2014. She guides Special Committees through consensus-driven process to develop minimum performance requirements, affecting aviation community concepts, requirements, standards and guidance materials. Karan is a retired Air Force Weather officer. She helped design and integrate multimillion dollar weather systems for both military and civil needs. In the private sector, she led R&D and transition of transportation, meteorology and logistics modeling & visualization capabilities. She is an instrument certified single engine private pilot with over 1,500 hours. She has MS in Aviation Management, BS in Meteorology and BS in Geology.

Superintendent Anthony Cole

Operational Unit Commander - Sellafield, Civil Nuclear Constabulary
Superintendent Anthony Cole

Anthony Cole has served with the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) in the UK for over 17 years. Charged with the armed protective policing and security of the UKs fleet of civil nuclear sites; he has served across the UK and is currently the Operational Unit Commander of the UKs largest civil nuclear facility, Sellafield on England’s northwest coast.
Anthony has extensive experience in security vulnerability assessments on complex critical national infrastructure sites and developing, testing, and assuring integrated armed protective security solutions to counter a range of postulated threats. Anthony is the CNCs UAS and C-UAS strategic lead working with Counter Terrorism and security partners in the UK and abroad to bring new C-UAS capability into operations.
Anthony joined the CNC following undergraduate and postgraduate research degrees in clinical biochemistry. He is a current Strategic Firearms Commander, and a member of the security Institute.

Wing Commander Sam Wiseman

Officer Commanding No 2 Force Protection C-UAS Wing, Royal Air Force
Wing Commander Sam Wiseman

With over twenty-five years’ experience in the Royal Air Force Regiment, Wing Commander Sam Wiseman is a specialist in Airfield Force Protection. He has completed a multitude of operational tours, including several whilst serving as part of the United Kingdom’s respective Very High Readiness Air Assault and Commando Brigades. Sam has commanded in all ranks held and is a graduate of the United Kingdom’s Advanced Staff and Command Course. His staff experience include postings to the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence and its Permanent Joint Headquarters. Sam is currently the Officer Commanding of Number 2 Force Protection Wing; the United Kingdom’s only dedicated Fixed Site Counter-Uncrewed Air System formation.

With over twenty-five years’ experience in the Royal Air Force Regiment, Wing Commander Sam Wiseman is a specialist in Airfield Force Protection. He has completed a multitude of operational tours, including several whilst serving as part of the United Kingdom’s respective Very High Readiness Air Assault and Commando Brigades. Sam has commanded in all ranks held and is a graduate of the United Kingdom’s Advanced Staff and Command Course. His staff experience include postings to the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence and its Permanent Joint Headquarters. Sam is currently the Officer Commanding of Number 2 Force Protection Wing; the United Kingdom’s only dedicated Fixed Site Counter-Uncrewed Air System formation.

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Hilton Arlington

950 North Stafford Street, Arlington VA, Virginia, USA

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Sponsors and Exhibitors


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Echodyne, the radar platform company, designs and delivers innovative, high performance, compact, solid-state radars built on proprietary Metamaterials ESA (MESA®) technology. Ideally suited for advanced 4D situational awareness, Echodyne’s commercially priced electronically scanned array radars are used by defense and government agencies, defense contractors, and security integrators for counter-UAS, portable ISR, border security, and critical infrastructure protection applications and autonomous machine developers for unmanned aerial and ground vehicle applications. Privately held, the company is based in Kirkland, Washington, and is backed by Bill Gates, NEA, Madrona Venture Group, Vulcan Capital, Vanedge Capital, and Lux Capital among others. For more information, please visit: Echodyne.com

Edgesource Corporation

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Edgesource provides a complete package of advanced sUAS/CsUAS technical development to include rapid prototyping, technical exploitation, digital forensics, systems & software engineering, integration, and post-deployment systems and software support services. The team provides complex systems analysis, design and development, and rapid prototyping for C5ISR systems, sensors, sUAS and C-sUAS technologies for battlefield advantage.


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SAIC® is a premier Fortune 500® technology integrator driving our nation’s technology transformation. Our secure high-end solutions across the defense, space, civilian and intelligence markets include engineering, digital, artificial intelligence and mission solutions. Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, SAIC has approximately 26,000 employees and annual revenues of about $7.4 billion.

Weibel Scientific A/S

Gold Sponsor

Weibel Scientific is a high-tech company that since the 1970s has been dedicated to provide precision data for user all over the world. The modern day company develops and produces a wide range of tactical and instrumental X-band Doppler-based radars, utilizing CW, MFCW and FMCW waveforms for small object detection and tracking with high resolution in both the velocity and range domain. Weibel Scientific’s portfolio ranges from small muzzle velocity and fire director radars for anti-air artillery to radars for the full IAMD spectrum. The technology covers applications from counter drone operations around high value targets through SHORAD/LLAD to air surveillance radars for GBAD and upper tier air defence applications and BMD capable radars. Throughout the last 40 years, Weibel has provided more than 5000 radars to more than 50 countries.


Advanced Protection Systems


Advanced Protection Systems from Gdynia creates pioneering FIELDctrl 3D MIMO radars and SKYctrl anti-drone systems that detect and neutralise unmanned aerial vehicles.

The company independently develops, manufactures and implements every component of the technology in-house: from integrated circuits, electronics, mechatronics to software and final implementation.

Advanced Protection Systems radar technologies protect key locations around the world. The company cooperates, among others, with telecommunication corporations from the Gulf region, the airport network in Norway, the Azoty Group and the Port of Gdynia.

The SKYctrl system has been part of the equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces since the end of September and is already being used in the war zone.

"So far, this is the best system that I and the other units have seen and experienced," shared one of the Ukrainian commanders.



Axient is an aerospace and defense company headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama that has provided premier services and solutions to the Federal Government for more than three decades. Customers choose Axient because they know they can trust our people and count on our performance. With over 2200 employees and locations in Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, California, New Mexico, Colorado, and the National Capital Region, Axient advances defense and civilian missions from aerospace to cyberspace with multidomain test and analysis, mission engineering and operations, and advanced technologies. We partner with our customers to identify and analyze their most important challenges and design solutions that turn challenges into breakthroughs to accelerate assured performance. With extensive domain expertise in defense and aerospace, we rapidly develop mission-enabling technologies that allow customers to move at mission speed. With an unwavering commitment to mission success, we make customers more capable, decisions more informed, systems more efficient, and outcomes more certain.



Convexum was founded in 2017 by young entrepreneurs from an IDF elite intelligence unit, with the mission of building an end-to-end counter-drone solution designed for dense urban areas, with no interference and no collateral damage.

Led by top C-UAS experts and powered by the world’s elite counter-drone research team, Convexum developed a field-proven, technology-leading counter-drone solution that can effectively defend airports, prisons, oil & gas facilities, critical infrastructure, government facilities, mass events, and more. Convexum C-UAS solution automatically detects, tracks, takes over, and safely lands unauthorized commercial drones in a designated zone, without interfering with other communications nor creating any risks of collateral damage. The system covers a wide range of commercial drones that represent most commercial drones flown today around the world.

It can be deployed in fixed, portable, and car-mounted modes to answer a wide range of use cases and requirements.

Fortem Technologies


Fortem Technologies is the leader in airspace awareness, security, and defense for detecting and defeating dangerous drones. Through an advanced, end to end system of distributed radar, AI at the Edge, deep sensor integration, and autonomous drone capture, Fortem monitors and defends the world’s venues, infrastructures, cities, and regions. The same system is accelerating the safety of the world’s airspace for urban air mobility.

MyDefence A/S


MyDefence is an OEM technology company specializing in C-UAS RF products and emerging technology integration.

MyDefence leverages a deep understanding of military, governmental and corporate operational needs to protect against malicious use of drones.

MyDefence offers a layered modular solution for drone detection and defeat.

We design, develop, produce, and deliver versatile solutions - static, man-portable, and mobile systems.

We offer our customers modular, scalable, flexible, solutions that can operate independently, or integrate into other existing network architectures.

Our products are reduced in Size, Weight, Power and Cost, and those advantages combined with our operationally tested and proven form factor - offer unrivalled configuration options and abilities for the end user.

MyDefence integrated number of 3rd party sensors and effectors to provide the best C-UAS system, based on our own sensors and C2 system with full Sensor Fusion capability.

Our commitment to provide the best solutions involves constant development and research.

We are here to protect our customers from malicious use of drones.

Media Partners

MySecurity Marketplace


Connecting security and technology professionals to the latest events, education and technology across a global security domain.

Armada International


ARMADA INTERNATIONAL is leading defence magazine which reports on and analyses defence systems, equipment and technology. Together with its Compendium supplements, ARMADA provides defence planners in the militaries, in government, in procurement and in the defence industry itself with the information they need to plan their strategies.

21st Century Asian Arms Race


21st Century Asian Arms Race (21AAR) is an online resource for conflict and security related information specific to Eurasia. 21AAR's editorial style and open source approach to gathering public intelligence ensures a unique and independent presentation of events in real-time.

Aerospace & Defense Technology


For the past 12 years, Aerospace & Defense Technology has been the mil/aero industry’s most trusted source for cutting-edge design and engineering information. Whether it’s in-depth feature articles on the hottest technology topics, application briefs that illustrate innovative uses of products and systems, tech briefs that describe how specific technologies are developed, or new product information that highlights the latest releases to the market, Aerospace & Defense Technology has the resources engineers need to do their jobs better.

UAS Weekly


UASweekly.com is an independent and authoritative source for Unmanned Aerial Systems and Drone industry news and information. Our industry-focused approach provides you with the latest news, product reviews, videos, and unbiased perspective on the UAS and commercial drone market.



Professionals in the Aerospace & Defence market use the ASD Media internet platforms to:
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For more detailed information please contact with: ASD MEDIA

Defence Online


Defence Online is one of the fastest-growing communities of key decision makers representing defence sector buyers and influencers within the Ministry of Defence, Prime Contractors and Industry. Providing up-to-date and informative news, insight and intelligence, Defence Online allows organisations to engage directly with a range of sector-based solutions, designed specifically to enhance their knowledge and understanding of this ever-evolving marketplace. No matter the size of your organisation, Defence Online has a range of advertising and marketing solutions to suit your business development requirements, connecting you with a marketplace worth over £19 billion annually in the UK alone.

Unmanned Systems Technology


Unmanned Systems Technology.com (UST) is dedicated to technology and innovation within unmanned systems. Our website and weekly e-newsletter provide up-to-the-minute information about technological developments in this sector – both military and commercial – to a global audience, with over 80,000 visitors from over 200 countries every month. Our comprehensive supplier profiles showcase products, services and capabilities in the unmanned land, sea and air vehicle industry.

My Dear Drone


Are you a UAV Fan? MyDearDrone is perfect for you because it's a free, original and best community to learn everything from news, reviews, guides and much more about drone and it's technology. So come and experience the Quadcopter (UAV) world with us.

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A dedicated media provider for security and technology professionals, as well as end-users across multiple channels. Stay updated by downloading the MySecurity Media app now!

Asian Military Review


Asian Military Review is ABC audited publication, read & discussed by key decision makers & advisors to Asia Pacific militaries. Published since 1993 it’s widely recognised as authoritative provider of unbiased & objective information to Asian military. Editorial content comprises capability analysis, special reports & relevant news coverage from the region. AMR provides information, opinion & facts allowing military professionals to track & understand defence developments worldwide, concerning equipment, training, organisation & doctrine issues. The magazine is a proven source keeping military professionals up to date on national & international defence & security issues.

Uncrewed Systems Technology Magazine


Uncrewed Systems Technology magazine focuses entirely on the innovative engineering that's successfully pushing boundaries on land, at sea, in flight and even through the universe. The magazine is unique - the first ever publication to focus entirely on providing independent coverage of the engineering at the heart of uncrewed vehicles. It applies the same rigorous scientific approach to this brave new world as critically acclaimed Race Engine Technology has brought to the subject of racing powertrain technology. Published 6-times a year, we probe today's cutting-edge projects to provide in-depth research insights - rigorous investigation is backed by professional peer review and critical analysis.

Defence Global


Defence Global provides an essential link between the Defence & Security Manufacturers and Suppliers, Government and Military sectors globally. Defence Global is a quarterly, tri-service publication providing articles and informative analysis from respected journalists and writers worldwide to attract a sophisticated and broad audience. Defence Global is published in February, May, August and November, with a professional and stylish design in both printed copy and digital format. The printed copies are perfect bound, full colour throughout with high quality art and photography. Defence Global is used as a reference tool providing a professional and intelligent read. We work with industry experts and corporate clients to include Defence and Security Manufacturers and Suppliers, as well as Governments, MoDs, Military Authorities and Senior Management Teams.



GeoConnexion International and GeoConnexion UK bring you the latest news and stories plus reports from geotechnology industries in UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America and Asia. Coverage of topics such as 3D Visualisation, Remote Sensing, LiDAR, Cloud, Mobile Mapping, Navigation with emphases on healthcare, public safety, retail, the environment, utilities, surveying, LBS, transport/ logistics, telecommunications and more. Subscribe to GeoConnexion magazines and sign up for free GeoConnexion Newsletters: visit GeoConnexion.com Tel: +44 1223 279151; Email: info@geoconnexion.com



This information hub for Counter-UAS and airspace awareness content includes news, original articles, vendors, products, services, jobs, events, multimedia content, and a comprehensive reference library. This site is an excellent resource for professionals from the defense, public safety, government, academia, critical infrastructure, corporate security, and private security sectors.

Robotics Tomorrow


RoboticsTomorrow.com is an Online Trade Magazine featuring Products, Companies, News, Articles and Events for the Industrial Automation, Robotics and Unmanned Vehicle industries. With an emphasis on the state of the art and on the horizon technologies that have strong prospects of commercialization, our philosophy is to create an outlet where the industry can share information and report on itself.


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CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development’. It is essentially a philosophy, which maintains that in order to be effective, learning should be organised and structured. The most common definition is:

‘A commitment to structured skills and knowledge enhancement for Personal or Professional competence’

CPD is a common requirement of individual membership with professional bodies and Institutes. Increasingly, employers also expect their staff to undertake regular CPD activities.

Undertaken over a period of time, CPD ensures that educational qualifications do not become obsolete, and allows for best practice and professional standards to be upheld.

CPD can be undertaken through a variety of learning activities including instructor led training courses, seminars and conferences, e:learning modules or structured reading.


There are approximately 470 institutes in the UK across all industry sectors, with a collective membership of circa 4 million professionals, and they all expect their members to undertake CPD.

For some institutes undertaking CPD is mandatory e.g. accountancy and law, and linked to a licence to practice, for others it’s obligatory. By ensuring that their members undertake CPD, the professional bodies seek to ensure that professional standards, legislative awareness and ethical practices are maintained.

CPD Schemes often run over the period of a year and the institutes generally provide online tools for their members to record and reflect on their CPD activities.


Professional bodies and Institutes CPD schemes are either structured as ‘Input’ or ‘Output’ based.

‘Input’ based schemes list a precise number of CPD hours that individuals must achieve within a given time period. These schemes can also use different ‘currencies’ such as points, merits, units or credits, where an individual must accumulate the number required. These currencies are usually based on time i.e. 1 CPD point = 1 hour of learning.

‘Output’ based schemes are learner centred. They require individuals to set learning goals that align to professional competencies, or personal development objectives. These schemes also list different ways to achieve the learning goals e.g. training courses, seminars or e:learning, which enables an individual to complete their CPD through their preferred mode of learning.

The majority of Input and Output based schemes actively encourage individuals to seek appropriate CPD activities independently.

As a formal provider of CPD certified activities, SAE Media Group can provide an indication of the learning benefit gained and the typical completion. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the delegate to evaluate their learning, and record it correctly in line with their professional body’s or employers requirements.


Increasingly, international and emerging markets are ‘professionalising’ their workforces and looking to the UK to benchmark educational standards. The undertaking of CPD is now increasingly expected of any individual employed within today’s global marketplace.

CPD Certificates

We can provide a certificate for all our accredited events. To request a CPD certificate for a conference , workshop, master classes you have attended please email events@saemediagroup.com

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