The SAE Media Group are delighted to announce that the 7th annual Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability Conference will return to the Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, with the main conference on the 16th and 17th November  and our enormously popular Active Protection Systems Focus Day running on the 15th November.

As the only armoured vehicle conference dedicated to the area of survivability, the 2022 event will gather programme managers, capability directors, commanders from the military, senior engineers, chief scientists and platform managers from leading solution providers to discuss what nations are doing to protect their armoured vehicles and personnel.

Unlike any other event, the survivability conference is a meeting for the international armoured vehicle community designed around a series of focused discussions on the strategies and technologies being adopted to enhance crew and platform survivability. As seen in recent operations, threats to the vehicle are increasing in both scope and size. Traditional lightly armed combatants now have access to an increasing array of lethal anti-armour capabilities. With the continued proliferation of advanced anti-tank weaponry around the world, and as armed forces pivot to addressing near-peer adversaries, armored vehicle survivability remains as important as it ever has been.

This conference is a focused study on how to enhance survivability and addresses all layers of the survivability spectrum. Key capabilities that will be covered are signature management, situational awareness, armoured and blast protection, C-IED, vehicle obscuration systems, and an overall picture of integrated survivability.

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  • Hear the latest survivability updates from the current and future armoured vehicles that will drive manoeuvre options for years to come
  • Benefit from briefings on armoured vehicles defensive capabilities, bringing together those at the heart of systems operation, training, development and integration
  • Gain an update on strategic partners’ respective armoured vehicle programmes
  • Benefit from this platform to advance armoured vehicles active defence capabilities and network with those at the heart of protective technology design, development, and integration
  • Discuss key requirements for the countering of threats during contemporary/future operations such as IEDs, UAS, EW, ballistic threats, anti-tank guided missiles to name a few! 

Advanced Blast and Ballistic Systems; AeroGlow International; Armoured Trials & Development Unit (ATDU); ASELSAN; Australian Army; BAE Systems Hägglunds; British Army; British Army - Capability Directorate; CES Advanced Composites and Defense Technologies Inc.; Collins Aerospace; Czech Military Research Institute; DE&S; Defence Science & Technology Agency; Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl); DELL; Department for International Trade; Dstl; DSTL, UK MoD; ELTA Systems; Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany; Embassy of Ukraine; FFI - Norwegian Defence Research Establishment; FOI Swedish Defence Research Agency; Frost and Sullivan; General Dynamics European Land Systems-Mowag GmbH; General Dynamics Land Systems; General Dynamics Land Systems - Mowag; Ghana High Commission; Hensoldt GmbH; IMI; IMP Castle Associates Limited; Instro Precision Ltd; Italian Embassy; Janes Missiles & Rockets; KCD Resources Ltd; KME; Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co. KG; Leonardo; Leonardo Defence Systems; Leonardo DRS; Lockheed Martin U K; Ministry of Defence Singapore; MOD; NATO Joint Electronic Warfare Staff; NP Aerospace Ltd; Pardus Defence & Security Ltd; Parker Hannifin Ltd.; Patria; Pearson Engineering Limited; Permali Gloucester Ltd.; Plasan Sasa Ltd; QinetiQ; Rada Industries; Rafael; Rheinmetall Active Protection GMBH; Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles; Rheinmetall Protection Systems Gmbh; Soucy Defense Division; Swedish Defence Research Agency - FOI; Swedish Land Warfare Centre; Thales UK; The Royal United Services Institute; Thinke Company Ltd; TriCIS Ltd; Tubitak Sage ; UAE GHQ; UK Armed Forces; UK MoD; Undersecretariat for Defence Industry ; US Army; Vetronics Research Centre and many more;

Conference programme

8:15 Registration & Coffee

9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Brigadier (Ret.) Ian Cameron-Mowat

Brigadier (Ret.) Ian Cameron-Mowat, Director, IMP Castle Associates Limited
View Bio

9:15 The Future of British Armoured Platform Survivability

  • Optimising British armoured platform survivability for operational and tactical success on the future battlefield
  • Enhancing survivability with advanced camouflage and concealment capabilities
  • Ensuring future British armoured platforms are protected from growing cyber penetration and the UAS threats
  • Brigadier Michael Fayers

    Brigadier Michael Fayers, Head of Military Capability Plans, British Army
    View Bio

    9:45 Optimizing the Protection Capabilities of the US Army’s Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle

    Lieutenant Colonel David Chudy

    Lieutenant Colonel David Chudy, Product Manager OMFV , PM Manuever Combat Systems, PEO GCS, US Army

  • Emphasising a Modular Open Systems Approach to maintain operational advantages and facilitate constant incremental improvement
  • Survivability requirements for the OMFV and the RCV to ensure combat effectiveness
  • Use of MBSE to speed development and have a systems level view on capabilities
  • 10:15 The Tactical AFV Survivability Considerations in Today’s British Army

    Major Robert Atchison

    Major Robert Atchison, Officer Commanding D Squadron (The Black Pig) , British Army
    View Bio

  • User perspective on the Challenger 2 and a look toward moving toward Challenger 3
  • CBRN protection considerations and capabilities
  • The Sensor, Decider and Effector role in protection and survivability
  • 10:45 Morning Coffee

    11:15 BOXER Future: Optimising BOXER Through Life

    Major Iain Walker

    Major Iain Walker, SO2 Mechanised Infantry Delivery, Programmes Directorate, British Army
    View Bio

  • Update on the UK Boxer Programme
  • Modernising the British Army’s vehicle fleet to meet the Mechanised Infantry Vehicle requirements
  • Coherently enhancing Survivability and Lethality beyond IOC without prejudicing Operational and Tactical Mobility


  • 11:45 See Through Armour Systems (SETAS)

    Mr Marc Krause

    Mr Marc Krause, Project Manager Vehicle Optronic, Hensoldt Optronics GmbH
    View Bio

  • Layered Solution the LSAS place
  • Digitalisation of the Capability by SETAS
  • SETAS delivering today
  • SETAS Evolution
  • 12:15 Maximising Hard-Kill Active Protection

    Mr Melih Sevinc

    Mr Melih Sevinc, Project Manager, Aselsan
    View Bio

    12:45 Networking Lunch

    13:45 Upgrading Canadian Combat Vehicles for Maximum Protection and Survivability

    Colonel Yves Raymond

    Colonel Yves Raymond, Director Armament Sustainment Program Management (DASPM), Department Of National Defence - Canada
    View Bio

  • Planned upgrades to the survivability profiles of the Light Armoured Vehicle
  • The new Armoured Combat Support Vehicle (ACSV) and its role in CAF operations
  • Overview of the Canadian Army’s Vehicle Protection Systems Program
  • Future plans and priorities for enhancing the survivability of Canadian armoured vehicles
  • 14:15 Enhancing Vehicle Survivability Through Improved Mobility & Counter-Mobility

    Mr Richard Beatson

    Mr Richard Beatson, Business Development Director, Pearson Engineering

    14:45 Afternoon Tea

    15:15 Understanding Survivability of AFVs through COTS Wargaming

    Lieutenant Colonel Ant Sharman

    Lieutenant Colonel Ant Sharman, Director, Evocatus Consulting
    View Bio

  • Introducing the UK Fight Club
  • Understanding and respecting the threat
  • The importance of TTPs for survivability
  • 15:45 Changing the Game – How Fight Club is Revolutionising Wargaming

  • An introduction to Fight Club
  • How the Campaigns of Learning are improving our people
  • Democratising insight through Decentralised Gaming / Centralised Analysis
  • Mr Tom Halliday

    Mr Tom Halliday, Principal Analyst, Close Combat Team, Land Analysis Group, DSTL, UK MoD
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    16:15 Optimising CV90 Survivability and Protection in Any Terrain or Tactical Environment

  • Current CV90 survivability capabilities, including bolt-on solutions and active add-ons
  • Ensuring personnel have decision superiority with advanced C4I capabilities
  • Collaborating with customers and partners to ensure requirements are met and survivability is not compromised
  • Mr Stefan Thelin

    Mr Stefan Thelin, Head of Technology Development , BAE Systems Hägglunds
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    16:45 Chairman’s Closing Remarks

    Brigadier (Ret.) Ian Cameron-Mowat

    Brigadier (Ret.) Ian Cameron-Mowat, Director, IMP Castle Associates Limited
    View Bio

    8:30 Registration & Coffee

    9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

    Brigadier (Ret.) Ian Cameron-Mowat

    Brigadier (Ret.) Ian Cameron-Mowat, Director, IMP Castle Associates Limited
    View Bio

    9:15 Increasing Protection Capabilities of the CARMEL Future Combat Vehicle

    Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) (Name Withheld for Security Reasons)

    Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) (Name Withheld for Security Reasons), CARMEL FCV Team Member, Israel Ministry of Defense (IMoD)

  • Integrating AI into the CARMEL FCV to facilitate manned-unmanned teaming and autonomous decision making to support the 2-man crew
  • Integrating enhanced signature management technologies to avoid detection
  • Enhancing situational awareness through complementary sensor technologies
  • The future of the CARMEL FCV
  • 9:45 Enhancing British Army Maneuver Survivability Through Advanced Trials and Development

    Lieutenant Colonel James de St John-Pryce

    Lieutenant Colonel James de St John-Pryce, Commanding Officer, Armoured Trials and Development Unit, British Army
    View Bio

    WO2 Liam Kennedy

    WO2 Liam Kennedy, Trials Sergeant Major, Armoured Trials and Development Unit, British Army
    View Bio

    10:15 Session Reserved for Sponsor - Collano AG

    Mr Denis Weber

    Mr Denis Weber, Division Manager Protection & Security, Collano AG

    10:45 Morning Coffee

    11:15 Maximising Boxer Survivability for Enhanced German Armoured Capabilities

    Lieutenant Colonel Karlheinz Boenke

    Lieutenant Colonel Karlheinz Boenke, Authorized Army Representative for MRAV BOXER, ACCDC, German Army
    View Bio

  • Modularity as survivability
  • Enhancing situational awareness and signature management capabilities for improved protection
  • Responding to new and evolving threat profiles
  • 11:45 Promoting Collaborative Innovation to Enhance AFV Protection

    Lieutenant Colonel Trevor Bowman

    Lieutenant Colonel Trevor Bowman, SO1 Battlelab, British Army

  • Update on the work of Defence BattleLab
  • Fostering open and collaborative development of high-impact, user driven technology
  • Conducting virtual and physical testing of AFV survivability to innovatively solve current challenges
  • 12:15 Networking Lunch

    13:15 Panel Debate: Assessing the Survivability Demands of the Future Battlefield

    Brigadier (Ret.) Ian Cameron-Mowat

    Brigadier (Ret.) Ian Cameron-Mowat, Director, IMP Castle Associates Limited
    View Bio

    Lieutenant Colonel James de St John-Pryce

    Lieutenant Colonel James de St John-Pryce, Commanding Officer, Armoured Trials and Development Unit, British Army
    View Bio

    Lieutenant Colonel Karlheinz Boenke

    Lieutenant Colonel Karlheinz Boenke, Authorized Army Representative for MRAV BOXER, ACCDC, German Army
    View Bio

    Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) (Name Withheld for Security Reasons)

    Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) (Name Withheld for Security Reasons), CARMEL FCV Team Member, Israel Ministry of Defense (IMoD)

    14:00 Afternoon Tea

    14:30 Altay MBT: Optimising Survivability with Advanced Armour Packages and APS

    Mr Hamdi Görkem Kaplan

    Mr Hamdi Görkem Kaplan, Senior Defence Industry Associate, Defence Industry Agency - SSB

  • Overview of the advanced armour package enhancing Altay MBT survivability
  • Integrating APS onto the MBT for total protection
  • Field testing results and future priorities for Altay MBT development
  • 15:00 Swedish AFV Protection Priorities and Capabilities

    Dr Martin Hagström

    Dr Martin Hagström, Programme Manager Weapon and Protection, Swedish Defence Research Agency - FOI
    View Bio

  • Measuring survivability to ensure future developments are effective
  • Preparing to protect against current and future threats to armoured vehicles: UAS and other disruptive technologies
  • Overcoming the challenges of keeping up with new technological developments and the integration of these onto armoured platforms
  • 15:30 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Conference

    Brigadier (Ret.) Ian Cameron-Mowat

    Brigadier (Ret.) Ian Cameron-Mowat, Director, IMP Castle Associates Limited
    View Bio


    IMP Castle Associates Limited
    Head of Military Capability Plans
    British Army
    Director Armament Sustainment Program Management (DASPM)
    Department Of National Defence - Canada
    Programme Manager Weapon and Protection
    Swedish Defence Research Agency - FOI
    Maneuver Branch
    Israeli Defence Forces
    CARMEL FCV Team Member
    Israel Ministry of Defense (IMoD)
    Specialist, Land Platforms
    SSB, Turkish MoD
    Evocatus Consulting
    Product Manager OMFV , PM Manuever Combat Systems, PEO GCS
    US Army
    Commanding Officer, Armoured Trials and Development Unit
    British Army
    Authorized Army Representative for MRAV BOXER, ACCDC
    German Army
    SO1 Battlelab
    British Army
    SO2 Mechanised Infantry Delivery, Programmes Directorate
    British Army
    Officer Commanding D Squadron (The Black Pig)
    British Army
    Division Manager Protection & Security
    Collano AG
    Senior Defence Industry Associate
    Defence Industry Agency - SSB
    Project Manager Vehicle Optronic
    Hensoldt Optronics GmbH
    Project Manager
    Business Development Director
    Pearson Engineering
    Head of Technology Development
    BAE Systems Hägglunds
    Principal Analyst, Close Combat Team, Land Analysis Group
    DSTL, UK MoD
    Principal Land Survivability Engineer, Platform Systems Division
    DSTL, UK MoD
    Trials Sergeant Major, Armoured Trials and Development Unit
    British Army

    Sponsors and Exhibitors




    Focus Days

    Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability: Active Protection Systems Focus Day
    Focus Day

    Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability: Active Protection Systems Focus Day

    Copthorne Tara Hotel
    15 November 2022
    London, United Kingdom

    Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability 2022: Production of Dutch CV90s with new turret to begin in December


    Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability 2022: IMOD outlines plans for Phase 2 of Carmel programme


    Janes Update on Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability 2022: Production of Dutch CV90s


    Janes Update on Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability 2022: Iron Fist


    Preliminary Attendees List


    Full Programme


    Short Programme


    Speaker Interview with Dr Raymond O'Toole


    Chair Invite - From Ian Cameron-Mowat, Brigadier (Retd), Former Head of Force Protection, UK Defence Equipment and Support


    Past Attendee List


    Conference Brochure


    Sponsors and Exhibitors


    Sponsors and Exhibitors

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    Pearson Engineering

    Sponsors and Exhibitors

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    ASELSAN is the largest defense electronics company of Turkey whose capability/product portfolio comprises communication and information technologies, radar and electronic warfare, electro-optics, avionics, unmanned systems, land, naval and weapon systems, air defence and missile systems, command and control systems, transportation, security, traffic, automation and medical systems. Today ASELSAN has become an indigenous products exporting company, investing in international markets through various cooperation models with local partners and listed as one of the top 100 defence companies of the world (Defense News Top 100).



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    Copthorne Tara Hotel

    Scarsdale Place
    London W8 5SR
    United Kingdom

    Copthorne Tara Hotel

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